24 Situs Game Matematika Untuk SD

Daripada susah-susah mencari alamat situs game matematika untuk siswa-siswa SD, berikut saya tampilkan 24 situs game matematika untuk SD.  Game matematika bermanfaat untuk melatiha kecerdasan anak-anak, melatiha logika dan melatiha psikomotorik anak-anak.  Game-game berikut bukan sembarang game, karena memang khusus dibuat untuk belajar sekaligus bermain dengan Matematika.

Game Matematika berikut menarik untuk dicoba. Untuk dapat memainkan game ini, Anda tidak perlu membayar tetapi Anda harus terkoneksi dengan internet, karena game-game Matematika tersebut tidak bisa di download.

Silakan Boorkmarks alamat web ini di browser Anda, agar Anda tidak perlu mengingat-ingat lagi alamat situsnya. Semoga bermanfaat.

Game Matematika

Hooda Math
Lots of great geometry, arithmetic, and logic games.

Math Nook
A site filled with online math games for all kinds of basic math skills such as estimation, place value, and the four operations.

has lots of nice games with many different topics.

Educational games, interactive mini lessons, worksheets covering math topics of all elementary grades.

Count Us In
15 games designed to help children understand basic number concepts (kindergarten level). You can also download the games to play on your PC/Mac.

Math Games at Sheppard Software
A bunch of different games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, coins, fractions, mixed operations, and telling time.

Primarygames: Math
Lots of interactive exercises and games for topics K-4

Toy Theater – Math
A collection of online math activities, including number patterns, bingo, ordering, secret numbers, clock, simple quizzes, and more.

RekenWeb Games
Lots of interesting games from Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education.

Math Doodles
Seven fun well-done games that also make kids think and learn. A place where children can discover the joy, wonder, and fun of mathematics. Requires Shockwave player.

Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math and more. Lots of fun looking games.

Math Playground
A large collection of interactive word problems, math games and puzzles for elementary school students.

Educational games for ages 4-12 years: math, literacy, geography, arts, music.

Math Galaxy
Scroll down to “Games” to play Word Jumbles, Riddles, Bridge the Swam, or Labyrinth. You can choose what operation to practice in the game, or to use fractions or decimals, so the same game is useful for many areas of math. The site also sells stand-alone software with full versions of these games plus instructional & math practice modules.

Kuutigo—Wooden Math Puzzle
This is not an online game but a fun, wooden math puzzle that helps students practice addition and subtraction multiplication, or linear equations.

Online Kids Games from Apples4Teacher.com
Online kids games from Apples4Teacher.com
Includes geometry, measurement, money, time, operations, number sense games.

AplusMath.com games
Practice the basic operations with matho (bingo and math combined), hidden picture, concentration, and planet blaster games.

Internet maths magazines (or on-line mathzines) with interactive games and puzzles – Meenie Minus is for elementary, Kaleidoscope for middle school.

Primary Games
A collection of math related games that you can also download and play offline at home.  Check out the Banana hunt for learning angles or Billy Bug returns for learning coordinates!

Math Advantage from Harcourt
Click on a grade and you’ll get a list of interactive games and concentration puzzles on different topics.

iKnowThat.com math games
Quizzes, arithmetic & geometry workshops, games on money, geometry, fractions, and more.

ICT Games
Find games for addition, subtraction, time, shape and measures, more/less, odd/even, doubles, place value, and more.

Maths Zone
Click on KS1/KS2 in the top menu, and then on the left side colored menus for a list of games on just about every elementary math topic.

Innovative and creative board games, activities and worksheets for many math topics.

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