Making Stem dan Leaf Plots

In 1990, the National Assesment Governing Board administered a national math test to eighth graders across the United States. The average scores of students ini nine midwestern states are listed in the table below. Work with a partner to create a stem and leaf plot for the data.

National Math Test Score (greatest possible scores)

Illionis            260
Indiana           267
Iowa                278
Michigan       264
Nebraska       276
North Dakota 281
Ohio                264
Wisconsin     274

a. What did you choose for the stems ? 26, 27, 28
b. Find the median and the mode of the data ? 274; 264 and 276
c. The national average score on the test was 261. Find the mean of the given data. Round to the nearest whole number. Compare it to the national average. Which is gretaer ? Explain any differences you see in the two averages.

271; the selected states; the majority of the states are above the national average, so their average will be higher.

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