MP3 and MP4

MP3 (MPEG-1, Layer 3):MP3s are small, high quality audio files that can be played on MP3 players or software. MP3s can be easily created using a home, a ripper program that copies a song from a CD to your computer, and an encoder that converts your music to MP3 format.

MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14): Mp4 is used for audio and video. This file type enables for high quality streaming over the internet and next generation cell phones. There are 2 main types of MP4 files. The first type is called Simple Profile, which is used for low resolution digital video content, popularly used for online distribution. The second version is called Advanced Video Coding , which is a higher quality format used for HDTV content.

How to convert MP4 to MP3 ?

To convert MP4 to MP3, you must use a file format converter program. Converter programs are abundantly available via the web. may be a good place for you to start shopping around. Many downloadable programs offer a free trial period so you may find it a good idea to try a program before purchasing it.

Here are some Mp4 to Mp3 converters for your reference:

1. Easy CD-DA Extractor 9.0.1 build 2 by Poikosoft

2. River Past Audio Converter

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